We are the four creators of multidimensional forms of being, and each of us has the ability to open new gates by changing timelines and probabilities. At the same time, we are hypnotized by the belief that we can experience our reality as we wish, if we harness the power of the headsets and smartphones that each of us owns.

Third listening platform was an improvised collective performance called Four Shifts and took place on 9 April 2022 as part of the Sounding the Spui installation at the Rewire Festival in The Hague. The performance lasted about eighteen minutes, during which the four performers, Sonology students dressed in orange uniforms, imitated employees of Thuisbezorgd (the Dutch delivery company) watching phones during their breaks and waiting for their next food order. In doing so, they processed the sounds of public traffic—bells ringing, the rumble of passing trams, clicking of skateboarders, murmur of voices, etc.

As a result, the four processed audio signals from the performers’ headsets were sent to the mixing console, distributed to the multi-channel sound system, and transmitted back into the venue.

photo documentation of the performance
the video documentary of the performance
the map shows the venue (Spuiplein) with the positions of the performers and their distribution among the eighteen loudspeakers marked in the colors
GPS coordinates of the location: 52.0770682389721, 4.317137633321103