The first individual practice of the soundwalk took place in November 2021 in The Hague. Approximately ten people participated in the soundwalk, taking turns to use the first prototype headset during the roughly half-hour walk.

The four locations, for which the sound processes were pre-designed, were marked on the map that the participants were familiar with prior to the soundwalk. Each participant could switch between the sound processes using the graphical interface on the phone.

the video documentation of the soundwalk
the soundwalk map
GPS coordinates of the locations:
(1) 52.07818590273472, 4.319404061972189
(2) 52.07796002307352, 4.319693771064389
(3) 52.077594064492004, 4.320289221465776
(4) 52.077719347948104, 4.320962455936953
listeners at three different sites of the soundwalk
the GUI for changing the processes/sites
The code for the sound processes and GUI is accessed at GitHub