The invented headset serves as a mobile tool that activates listeners’ attention, and alters their experience of the site-specific auditory situation and atmosphere. The headset which allows the listener to manipulate and “play” with the live sound environment around them, blurring the boundaries between listening and composing, between performer and audience.

Since people commonly use headphones in public space today, the headset mimics this in order to conform to social standards and not stand out on the user's head.

This binaural headset processes sound in real-time and allows incoming external sounds to be picked up by binaural microphones, processed by software running on the single-board computer and emitted back to the headphones. An essential part of the headset is a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows the user to change processes and their parameters and acts as a sort of membrane between the listener and the acoustic environment. The user interface is designed as the web-based GUI or mobile app.

the noise-canceling headphones with the implemented binaural microphones
the complete headset assembly
the headset diagram
time-lapse video from the DIY making of the headset